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Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair


Author: Christian Wilde
Publisher: Abigon Press
ISBN: 1-59975-054-6

This book, published in October 2006 is the companion book for the author's earlier book, "Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke" published in 2002. In case you have not read that book, I strongly recommend that you read that book and that too read that book first before taking up this one. I assure you that both are easy on the eyes (they use a bigger type face and are printed on off-white paper to avoid glare).

While Christian's earlier book focuses on the preventive aspect of health care, this book focuses on the repair of the damage already done. Stem Cell Research has shown good results in repair of scar tissue in heart attacks, reduced heart enlargements and helped patients of Congestive Heart Failure, helped patients with Angina, Stroke and so on. Thus this book offers hope to the so-called "No Option Patients".

Stem cell research has been in the news for the last few years and many debates are going on about the several issues, ethical and scientific about the use of stem cells in therapy. Christian has brought his journalistic skills (he is the host of a very popular radio talk show) and his deep and accurate understanding of the complicated subject and has presented the same in a manner that is easy to read and comprehend.

The author has taken the opportunity to update some of the information presented in the earlier book and thus has added value. The caution about the too low cholesterol and the associated risks of depression, stroke etc., is very timely.

The book is enriched by a number of references, Glossary of Medical Terms and an Index. I only wish it was hard bound to withstand repeated references.

I strongly recommend this book along with the other book for any one interested in heart health issues for themselves or for their family and friends.

The above review was contributed by:  S.V. SWAMY: A Physicist,  Metallurgist, Quality Management Professional with interests in Training and Development, General Management, Holistic Health etc. Swamy is an avid book lover, reviewer and editor:   CLICK TO VIEW S.V. Swamy's Reviews

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