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How You Leave Them Feeling

Author: Jesse Ferrell

ISBN: 0-9778810-0-8

Jesse Ferrell has put forth an apparent road map to personal and professional success in his book titled How You Leave Them Feeling. What’s more, he has also provided the vehicle, fuel and even a toolbox to use along the way. All the reader has to do is follow the directions and drive!

The concept is surprisingly simple but well grounded in common sense. The human animal has a natural tendency to like and appreciate others that make us feel good about ourselves. The opposite is also true…cantankerous, critical and disagreeable people are those we typically dislike and shy away from.

The author presents his ideas in a well-organized format, which is easy to follow and understand. Primary points of each chapter are revisited in the chapter summary as Action Steps and fit together in a logical sequence of development.

My own personal experimentation with the ideas presented within this text resulted in enough promising results to drive me back into the book with a highlighter. The concepts are easy to follow and results are noticed quickly!

This book is a must read for anyone working in the corporate world, government bureaucracy, private business or any other endeavor requiring frequent communication with other people.  

 The above review was contributed by: C. R. Schultz:  Freelance Writer and Columnist, Correctional Security Operations Supervisor, Organizational Concept Analyst, amateur regional historian and hunting/fishing/camping enthusiast.

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