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You-Turn: Changing Direction in Midlife

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Author:  Dr. Nancy B. Irwin

ISBN-10: 1419695010

ISBN-13: 978-1419695018 

When Dr. Nancy Irwin’s You-Turn: Changing Direction in Midlife was offered for review I was a bit more than curious.  I am now in the “over forty” crowd and just a few years back I made a drastic change in my life by selling my freight forwarding business to focus on different areas.  I have been working in the logistics field since I got out of the United States Navy, so basically all my adult life up to that point.  I wanted to see what insights Dr. Nancy’s book could offer.  After reading the book I am even more in the belief that the more we are different the more we are the same.

Many of the people in this book had changes forced upon them, others had epiphanies to major life changes while yet others had been moving toward their change for quite some time such as living a life-long dream.  Most of the changes the contributors discussed were occupational changes but others were complete changes in lifestyles.  All involved personal and even financial risks. 

If there was anything that I did not understand about the book were the two anonymous contributors.  One was a reformed sex offender who had been clean for over twenty years while another was a businesswoman who left her husband over the age of forty and restarted her life as a lesbian.  I wasn’t too sure how these fit in to the rest of the book.  Their stories had merit, but they were a bit disjointed.

Nevertheless, I greatly admired and appreciated the majority of the testimonies given in Nancy Irwin’s book and there are a few who I would certainly like to hear from again.  If you are someone who is at the “old age of youth” (40 plus) or the “youth of old age” (50 plus) and you are looking to make some drastic changes in your work, how you live and who you spend your time with I would recommend the stories in Dr. Irwin’s book.  They range from the informative to the inspirational. 

Thanks, Nancy, for introducing us to some new possibilities!

Click Here To Purchase You-Turn Changing Directions in Midlife

The above review was contributed by: Gary Dale Cearley: Gary Dale is an expatriate American who chooses to write about controversial material. His subject matter tends to run the gamut from historical subjects to biography and even humor. Originally from Arkansas, he has spent several years in Korea as well as Vietnam and is now living in Thailand. Click Here to read an interview with Gary. Click Here to read Gary's reviews. 

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